Recognizing Waterborne Disease
 and The Health Effects of Water Pollution
Patricia L. Meinhardt, MD, MPH, MA, Author

Physician On-Line Reference Guide

Patricia L. Meinhardt, MD, MPH, MA  

CHAPTER 1: Purpose of Physician Reference Guide

CHAPTER 2: Focus of Physician Reference Guide CHAPTER 3: Introduction to the Problem of Waterborne Disease CHAPTER 4: Understanding Water Pollution and Water Protection CHAPTER 5: Multiple Environmental Contaminant Sources and Exposure Pathways CHAPTER 6: Evaluation and Management of Disease Resulting from Waterborne Pathogens
CHAPTER 7: Evaluation and Management of Waterborne Disease Resulting from Chemical Contaminants CHAPTER 8: Evaluation and Management of Water-Related Disease in Susceptible Populations
CHAPTER 9: Health Risk Communication and Patient Risk Evaluation for Waterborne Contaminant Exposure and Water-Related Disease CHAPTER 10: Clinician Internet Resource Guide and Search Engine

CHAPTER 11: Water-Related Glossary

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Patricia L. Meinhardt, MD, MPH, MA, Author

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